Our 45 minute ride is a total body blitz.  We will transform your body with the use of hand weights, mind-blowing music and award winning instructor performances.  This 45 minute workout will leave you breathless and rejuvenated.



For our hardcore riders who need a little extra oomph, this is for you!  Rebel is a 45-60 minute total body bootcamp off the bike with the use of kettle bells, resistance bands, jump boxes and more!


steel + omg abs

This is our signature steel class with a one way ticket to six-pack abs!  It's 45 minutes on the bike with an additional 15 minutes of core off the bike!


steel+ omg booty 

Firm up the glutes the moxie way! our 45 minute ride will incorporate an additional 15 minutes of off-the-bike glute exercises.*  
*available at OKC location only


mount moxie 

It's all hills with a few thrills! Mt moxie offers a 45 minute ride of various grades of hills. This is our highest calorie burning ride!* 
*available at OKC location only


community ride

This class is on us!  Reserve our community ride to see the newest rockstar on the platform as she/he is in training!  We also love to offer community rides to market new ride times and other upcoming events.


theme rides

It's a cardio party!  Join us each month as we turn on our party lights and turn up the beat!  Be ready to rock to the rhythm for 45 mintues on the bike!