At moxieride, we love to see people shine and become confident fitness enthusiasts. We believe that when you find that confidence, you are radiating an energy from within for you and others around you to enjoy. For over three and a half years, moxieride has been offering a total body cycling workout to Oklahoma City. We combine upper body exercises with a high-energy cardio workout for 45-60 minutes on the bike. This total body blitz offers highly inspirational music along with the fittest spin instructors in the city.

In order to participate in a ride, it is best to pre-purchase a ride or package of rides. To purchase a ride, choose our “reserve a bike” button or choose the “schedule” tab at the top of the home page. All new riders will need to create a username and password before purchasing a ride. Once you have obtained a username and password, you will be able to purchase your ride. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

We allow walk-ins to each scheduled ride. However, to secure a bike, it is best to pre- purchase the ride. Any riders on our wait lists who have arrived and are waiting for a bike will take presedence over a walk-in. Walk-in riders are allowed to take the any open bikes 2 minutes after the ride has started.

All riders are required to cancel his/her ride 3 hours prior to the ride start time. Rides not canceled 3 hours before will be automatically deducted from all single ride purchases and regular packages (3 for 30, 5, 10, 15 & 20 ride packages). A $10 late cancel/no show charge will be placed on all riders’ accounts with unlimited packages. We ask that this charge is paid within 48 hours or upon your next visit, whichever occurs first. If the charge is not paid in this time frame, moxieride will charge your credit card on file.You are able to cancel your ride by 1) logging into your account and unreserve your bike 2) call the studio at 405-286-9888. All rides that are canceled 3 hours before the ride start time will be credited back to your account.Moxieride has the right to refuse service to any client and/or terminate or suspend any account at any time.
Note: Rides with 5 or less confirmed riders are subject to cancelation.

Upon arrival, all riders must check in at the IPAD at the front desk or inform our staff at the desk of your arrival. Find your name on the IPAD by scrolling up or down and simply touch the box by your name to let us know that you have arrived.

Wait List
If you decide to register yourself on a wait list, you will be automatically be added to the ride when a bike becomes available. You will receive an email asking you to confirm or deny your reservation. Each rider is allowed 2 hours to confirm or deny his/her bike. If we have not received a reply within 2 hours, we will then remove you from the wait list and allow the next rider waiting to be contacted to ride. Please understand that your delay in reply halts our wait list system. Once you confirm your reservation, you will be added to the class. Once you have been added to the class, you will then be required to remove yourself from the ride 3 hours prior to the start time to avoid being charged or losing the ride.

Additional Fees
All accounts will be issued a $5 penalty fee for declined credit card charges on auto payment packages. These packages will include the moxie3, moxie6 and unlimited locker rentals. Riders that exceed two declined charges within a six month time period will not be allowed to use the auto payment packages.

We offer lockers to each rider to store their belongings during the ride. We appreciate all items being left in a locker, including cell phones, to eliminate other riders possibly tripping over items in the studio. Lockers can be rented on a monthly basis, 6 months or 12 months for a minimal fee. Locks are provided if you decide to rent.

We require our riders to wear clip-on cycling shoes. Our pedals are SPD compatible. We rent shoes for $3 per ride. All new riders receive a complimentary shoe rental for their first ride. Complimentary shoe rentals are not offered to new rides at community rides. We sell shimano and peal izumi cycling shoes.

We have two showers at our studio. The showers include a complimentary bath towel, shampoo, shower gel and hairdryer.

We sell 27oz and 32 oz Smartwaters, Ecos coconut waters and kize energy bars. We also offered filtered water in our kitchen area of the studio for water bottle refills.

At moxieride, we offer a fresh towel for each ride. We also offer a complimentary over- sized bath towel for our showers.