Moxieride is switching gears.  We are the first Oklahoma City spin studio to offer a total body workout on an indoor bike.  We offer more than just a  45 to 60 minute blitz to the body.  We offer a thrilling, innovative take on a regular spin class.   Weights, music and choreography combine to provide a true total mind-body experience. 

Having grown up in Oklahoma City, Melissa Davis has always had a passion for fitness.  From playing tennis in college, to falling in love with spinning, fitness has continued to be a large part of her life.  As a certified spin instructor, the past several years of riding have been spent incorporating various body weight,  resistance bands, small hand weights, plyometrics and calisthenic exercises.   Melissa decided to take the plunge and share these amazing exercises with others. Melissa is  a mother of three and a previous real estate investor.  She has the perfect staff to deliver a type of group exercise that people desire ...want ...and need. 

Since 2012,  Melissa opened her first studio on the North side of Oklahoma City.  She has relocated in 2015 to add an additional 1,000 square feet to moxieride.  She has plans to open a downtown location in the Fall of 2015, with a possible third location opening after.  Moxieride has had a total of 50k visits at its studio since opening date and is constantly seeking to increase that number.  Melissa's goal is to reach as many people as possible and share this innovative fitness experience with them.

Melissa believes in simple...believes great music can inspire..believes everything happens for a reason..believes in a good sweat...believes in modern...believes in a strong mind...and believes in Moxieride.

Moxie /'mok-se/n. aggressive energy; initiative; skill; determination, or nerve.